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" I want to personally help your child develop, his or her's true potential! It's Free to tryout so let's start today RIGHT NOW 
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" There Are Only Ever 100 Students In Spirit Martial Arts Academies - Most Members Renew Year After Year Leaving Very Few Openings. It's time to take action RIGHT NOW  Book in For Your Free Trial "
Why Spirit Martial Arts Classes Are The Best...
Awesome Children's Activity! 
More Than [Martial Arts] 
Martial Arts will focus on your child’s individual progress and can be a good alternative to team sports.

"Best Decision EVER"

Dorian is really enjoying his classes with you guy's... Great work, thank you!
- "Robert Smith"
What You Can Expect Inside:
  • Benefit: Improvement of Cognitive development!
  • Feature: Improved Mindset, Perseverance and Goal setting!
  • Interactive: iHome Work That's Fun For Parents & Child!
  • Motivation: Student rewards and Promotion Tests, Award Belts, Student of the Week! 
*Limited Spots Remaining*
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
Black Belt Academy
100s of Children have joined Spirit Martial Arts..  Your child will be so excited wearing their uniform. Your child will develop better social skills and help prepare them for life while improving their school education...  Plus setting them a goal of becoming a black belt is one of the best things you can do for your children's future!

  • Tiger Spirit: Daily Workouts!
  • ​​Feel Good: Look Even Better!
  • ​Stream Now: On All Devices! 
  • ​Punch Bag: Free Workouts
  • Get Your Free Boost: Now!
  • At Home: Kickboxing Classes!
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From The Head Coach Paul Cain
Reading, Berkshire.

I’m Sat here looking at my Multiple World & European Championship Trophies and being brutally honest the owner of the BEST Martial Arts Academies in the area for Children, Juniors, Teens & Adults!! .

However life wasn’t so rosy turning back the clock back to my school days..... 
I Was Stuck...
I was the black kid who was racially abused and beaten up on a daily basis... I had such low self esteem I couldn’t string a sentence together. Then everything changed the day I started Martial Arts. I started sticking up for myself, improved my school grades and people started looking up to me in the community as I became a WINNER...  I’d say if you want help on becoming a BETTER YOU or why not 10X BETTER look no further!!
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